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Will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) supplant the current health care services delivered through the Ryan White Program?
The ACA provides a historic opportunity for people living with HIV. It will ensure that those currently receiving services through the Ryan White Program are able to continue to receive the specialized and life-saving health care they need. Further, the ACA provides a pathway for those treated through Ryan White to increase their access to affordable, quality health care. We need the Ryan White Program to continue to ensure that individuals living with HIV/AIDS have coverage completion. This is so important because the Ryan White Program is the only Program in the country that offers the continuum of care received by individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

What will happen to the Ryan White Program once the ACA is fully implemented?
The Ryan White Program complements the important health care components of the ACA. However, it is important to understand that the Ryan White Program delivers life-saving and highly specialized care to more than 500,000 individuals living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S every year.

What is the current status of the Ryan White Program?
We expect the program to continue to operate through the regular appropriations process. We are working diligently with Congressional leaders to ensure that the Program receives the necessary funding to ensure that patients continue to receive the specialized and life-saving care they need.

Some have said that the Ryan White Program will sunset after September 30, 2013, is that true?
The Ryan White Program is currently authorized through September 30, 2013. After that date, the Program will not sunset and can continue to operate through Congressional appropriations with or without subsequent legislation. Ultimately, the Ryan White Program should be reauthorized.

What can supporters of the Ryan White Program do to ensure the program continues?
We encourage supporters of the Ryan White Program to contact members of Congress to express continued support for the Program. It is important to share with Congressional members that the Ryan White Program has enjoyed broad bipartisan support since its inception. It has been reauthorized and signed into law by both Democratic and Republican presidents and passed Congress with overwhelming support in both chambers for over two decades.

The bottom line is that many Ryan White clients will gain access to health insurance or see their current health care improve because of the highly-coordinated care delivered through the ACA in conjunction with the Ryan White Program. The Ryan White Program continues to be payer of last resort of individuals who have no alternative to receive the life-saving care they need to enjoy a quality of life.